Love Thyself

Anna Orbison

Love Thyself

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Style Hatha, Vinyasa
Duration 60 mins

Ever feel like you’ve gotten so wrapped up with life, work, and commitments that you haven’t had any time for yourself? This class is all about being gentle to your body and taking some “me” time! It’s a great balance to many of the more difficult classes on Udaya and is perfect for a late evening or early morning practice. There are plenty of modifications demonstrated, so if you’re injured or struggling with tension in a certain area, there will always be an option for you. Give yourself the gift of some time just for you and while you won’t burn too many calories, you’ll feel fantastic after it’s done!

Focus poses Happy Baby / Ananda BalasanaPigeon / Eka Pada RajakapotasanaPlow / HalasanaWide Legged Forward Fold / Prasarita PadottanasanaWide Seated Forward Bend / Upavistha Konasana
Muscles & joints Full Body