Short Holds

Vytas Baskauskas

Short Holds

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Style Power
Duration 60 mins

Short Holds This practice is about moving the body in as many ways possible. Longer holds in postures allow for a lot of subtle refinement of the postures and can be quite mentally challenging. However, in this class, you will only hold each posture for a maximum of 5 deep breaths. This will allow for much more movement and a slightly faster pace. The focus is more on the transitions in and out of the poses, than the poses themselves. Sometimes you just feel like moving. This is the class for you. The vinyasa practice is about breath and movement to cultivate the mind-body connection and you are definitely going to get that here!

Focus poses Twisted Extended Hand to Big Toe / Parivrtta Hasta PadangusthasanaTwisting Half Moon / Parivrtta Ardha ChandrasanaTwisting Triangle / Parivrtta TrikonasanaTwists
Muscles & joints Abdominals, Back (Lower), Core, Obliques