Slow Meditative Flow

Elle Potter

Slow Meditative Flow

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Style Vinyasa
Duration 60 mins

This practice is an invitation to turn inward, slowing things down to enjoy the connection of breath and movement as a meditation. The class begins with a gentle warm-up and gently builds up to some hip openers. As a Level 1 class, beginners will find it gentle and accessible, while more advanced practitioners may find the most challenging part is slowing things down. The cherry on top is the supported Child’s Pose just before Savasana (Corpse Pose). Props needed: two blocks, one bolster. Also recommended is an eye pillow or towel to cover the eyes during Savasana (Corpse Pose).

Focus poses Lizard / Utthan PristhasanaLow Lunge / AnjaneyasanaTriangle / Trikonasana
Muscles & joints Groin, Hips, Obliques