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    Turning Inward To Reach Out

    In my book Close To OM (look for it coming from St. Martin’s Press) I say that we turn inward ultimately so that we can reach out. We have to start with our self and our own awareness and accountability so that we have something to offer one another. ΒΆ In this practice, Turning Inward To Reach Out, we use the poses as a somatic (bodily) reminder to show up for ourselves so we can show up for each other. We literally turn inward with internally rotated postures and then turn out with externally rotated poses to let this universal message settle deep into our fabric. Oh, and I promise we’ll have fun too (in case you’re worried). There will be options to add flourishes like arm balances and inversions if that’s your thing, and we’ll visit a bit of core work. Ultimately we land in a restorative finish and you’ll crawl out of savasana inwardly satiated and ready to reach out.