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    Honed Warrior

    Within the walls of a fiery temple with only six brave students, you will have the opportunity to hone the body and the mind with Rudy’s patented (not really) Repetition + 1 theory-driven sequence. Repeating poses in the Repetition + 1 pattern helps reveal the combination to unlock your fullest potential. In this class, you will learn Rudy’s unique brand of math, what soundtrack is playing in Rudy’s mind as he practices yoga (you’ll never guess), what a “big fat pigeon in the park eating popcorn” looks like and how to wrought your body and mind like hot steel with a hammer and anvil in the fire of your practice. In alchemy, fire is the element of transformation because heat has the uncanny ability of turning earth into liquid and liquid into air. By heating up the body and using the resultant energy to break through blockages you are able to transform yourself into a fire-breathing dragon (well, not really).